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BONUS Senior Picture Ideas


Start with a sitting posture. Here and there Seniors are a little apprehensive when we begin. We must assist them with settling in. Withstanding stances, you can frequently see their initial ponderousness so I get them to sit first. It’s a simple method to begin assisting them with presenting strategies.

Attempt to adhere to the guideline “In the event that it twists, twist it”. That goes for arms and legs particularly. So move them to sit  Senior Photos immediately and you’ll be looking incredible so far!!

Enable them with standing

When my customers start feeling somewhat more sure, I move into standing postures. We do full on “Force POSE”… think young lady power, then, at that point continue on to different stances.

The most effective method to get a genuine chuckle

Continuously do genuine faces, grinning faces (I call these the “Grandmother Shots” in light of the fact that no Grandma needs pics where they aren’t looking and grinning at the camera), and afterward I do the “Lean and Laugh”.

Where I have them incline toward me and do a phony giggle… which feels very off-kilter and really causes them to do a genuine chuckle. Works without fail!! (Where are my Legally Blonde fans?!?!) Also, if the young ladies are wearing a long skirt, have them spin it a little. It’s makes excellent development.

Your customer’s closet significantly affects the accomplishment of a shoot. Any splendid presenting thoughts will vacate the premises if your customer is awkward in their senior picture outfit, or then again if their attire decision doesn’t supplement the area.

The “Stow away” highlight permits your senior customer to control which photographs are for their eyes as it were. This implies when any other individual sees the pictures, they won’t see the pictures that the customer has stowed away from view.Get them moving with activity shots

These are your strolling or activity shots. I LOVE to get them rolling!!! In case we’re on the sea shore, we’re generally going through the water. At the point when you’re in sunflower fields, we’re hopping. In case we’re on a promenade by the marina, we’re strolling. In case we’re on the football field, we’re passing the ball and bouncing high for gets! Essentially, simply engage in with them, make it fun, make them giggle, and you’ll catch genuine satisfaction!!

Football activity shots for seniors

I’ll always remember when I was shooting this football shot. I was laying on the football field on my stomach in the wet grass shooting it again and again until I got the perfect point and catch. He most likely completed 20 gets. I revealed to him he didn’t realize he planned to get an exercise while doing his senior pictures!

Step by step instructions to shake an over the shoulder shot

Have them face away from you and afterward have them returned over their shoulders. I typically have them drop their eyes, then, at that point lift simply their eyes to me and afterward give me a decent chuckle. You’ve recently made THREE very surprising looks and energies from in a real sense ONE posture. Think about that presenting work process and how straightforward it can truly be!

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